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Motorized Sunscreen/Solar Shades

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Motorized solar shades are becoming increasingly more popular, especially for larger rooms with grand views. With New York Motorized Solar shades you’ll have a view while blocking out UV rays, also eliminating exposure to constant heat. Our motorized solar shades can reach up to 150 square feet, making us stand out from our competitors. Our specs in our battery operated motor are about the best on the market, and can service 80 square feet. For spaces larger than 80 square feet we will provide a hardwired option.

Our five channel remote control system will work various sets of NY blinds, and by choosing the radio option it allows you to control your solar shade from any location within your home or office. We can provide various weaves, the tighter the weave the less see-through your shade will be. This is based on a number percentage, the lower the number the tighter the weave. For commercial and home use the 5-10% options are more preferred.

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