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Why Motorized?

Why should I choose Motorized Shades over other shades or blinds. Here are some answers below.

  • No More manual pull cords: make your interior safe.
  • Privacy and protection: maximize your control when you need it most.
  • Give life to large windows by adding simple functionality.
  • Accessibility: make sure your environment is ADA friendly for years to come.
  • Modern expectations: don’t be left behind when home automation takes over.

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What is Infrared?

An infrared (IR) signal uses an invisible beam of energy to send commands from a limited distance (usually less than 30 feet) to an electronic device. Similar to a flashlight, a clear line of sight between the device sending the signal and the device receiving the signal is necessary. Likewise, an infrared beam reflects off solid surfaces, bouncing around a room, which could activate a window covering unintentionally.

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What is Radio Frequency?

Radio frequency (RF) in today’s world simply refers to the use of radio waves of a given frequency to wirelessly send data from a transmitter to a receiver. Some motorized window coverings use radio waves in the 2.4GHz (pronounced “gigahertz”) frequency range to send commands from the remote or a wireless wall switch to the receiver in or near the window covering.

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