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Motorized Wood Blinds​

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We offer two types of motorized wood blinds, infrared and the radio remote controlled. The infrared provides a single channel, with a point and click control. This system works up to 30 feet away from the blinds. It is simple and easy to use, you just point the remote at the blind and it will begin to tilt, and with one more click it stops where you would like it to. What makes this system not a great option is that if there is some sort of obstruction the shade can’t function because it needs a direct line of sight. The radio remote controlled blinds offer more functionality simply by controlling a large amount of blinds at once, without a line of sight, the radio signal can go through walls. This system is ideal for rooms with numerous windows. This function is tilt only.

The infrared and the radio remote both use lithium batteries unless you choose the plug in option. The fact that these batteries are standard AA lithium it makes it easy and convenient to find them in your local store, plus they last longer than your standard battery. Our wood slats are manufactured to be light weight, which give less stress on the motor, allowing the motor to last much longer than a faux wood blind. Faux wood blinds are made heavier putting strain on the motor, which leads to a short motor life span and more potential to break in the long run. Our wood slats are a North American basswood, and consists of several layers of paint and a furniture quality stain.